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Kathakali. The show

So, after the makeup process the evil hero (with green makeup) goes behind the stage where he will be dressed up in a huge ballet-like skirt, and one of the actors stays on stage and shows the audience mudras (hand … Continue reading

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Elephant festival in Jaipur

This year I decided to go to celebrate Holi in Jaipur with Lyuba. Holi and Jaipur is one of the best combinations because the day before Holi every year Jaipur hosts a festival of elephants which is visited by huge … Continue reading

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Navratri, 9 day dance festival in Ahmedabad

Navratri is one of the reasons why you should visit Gujarat. During this festival many tourists come here from nearby states including Maharashtra. The thing is only in Gujarat Navratri is celebrated with dances. A little but of dancing also … Continue reading

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