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First day in Kochi

So Kochi. Or Cochin. Indians are still uncertain which of the names they like more so they use both the variants, just like Mumbai/Bombay. Kochi is a port city, a center of spice trade and you will find here … Continue reading

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My accommodation in Palolem

I decided to tell about my accommodation in Palolem in a separate post because I had such a cute hut by the sea that I still recall about it with warmth and tender. In fact, its a part of a … Continue reading

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Palolem in monsoon

Finally I now have access to a more or less stable internet connection and am able to tell you where I was roaming all this time. And the place where I was roaming is Soth Goa, Palolem beach. Its off … Continue reading

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Mehrangarh Fort by night

There are many interesting things to tell ahead, but first I need to finish with Jodhpur in order to keep a little bit of chronology. Last time I went to Mehrangarh to meet the dawn, and the plan for this … Continue reading

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Blue city of Jodhpur

City of Jodhpur was founded in 1459. It is the second largest city in Rajasthan. In Jodhpur the sky fell on the ground. It is a city-ode to blue color as the houses here are painted in blue. In the … Continue reading

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Romantic Udaipur and City Palace

Udaipur is situated in Rajasthan state and lies 250 km from Jaipur. It is also called a Lake city due to many lakes it has. The city has very rich hostory and many palaces belonging to rajputs (the next case … Continue reading

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