Monkey forest in Jaipur

monkey forest jaipur In Jaipur there are plenty of architecture sights like palaces, forts and ancient observatories full of tourists and inanimate though beautiful architecture objects. But almost nobody knows about monkey forest inhabited with blue cows (neel gai), deers, peacocks, other beautiful birds and tailed monkeys who love to crunch cookies and eat bananas. We (Lyuba, Ira, me and Tim) bought a lot of famous Parle-G cookies and bananas, took a rickshaw and went to the forest. Read more

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Geometrical Jaipur

jantar mantar jaipur These photos, as well as the photos from the previous post, were clicked years ago, to be more specific last January. At that time, after NY celebration in Udaipur, I decided to visit Lyuba in Jaipur, and we went with her to see the sights of the ancient city of Jaipur. I liked Jantar Mantar most of all (Jantar Mantar is sanskrit means a calculating tool).Geometrical forms here were used to calculate time, predict eclipses, determine distances to stars and their location during the Earth rotation along the orbit. Read more

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Mandore Gardens

mandore gardens Returning my last year debt a post about Mandore, situated just 7 km away from Jodhpur. During that visit to Jodhpur I spent there 3 days instead of only 2 as was initially planned. And everything because of the irresistable desire to sleep due to which I overslept my bus. So, I had to hang around the blue city one more day, but since I didnt want to stay in the guest-house and all places of interest were already seen I headed to Mandore. Read more

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Mumbai black and white

mumbai I have two dozens of posts in queue, some of them are about the places I visited one year ago, but the inspiration doesnt inspire much to write words, though inspires to show something visual rather than verbal. It will be black-and-white photos of Mumbai and its people. The colour photographs would be able to show red turbans, yellow stripes of cabs and blue waves of the sea, but I said bw so let it be bw ) Lets go! Read more

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Indian wedding, Ukrainian bride

indian wedding In the end of November 2011 I attended Indian wedding with Ukrainian touch Olga now is an indian wife according to all important hindu traditions. You can about how it all started here. Weddings in India can be of really cosmic scale. 3 thousand guests is quite a normal thing. Usually, a girl in India gets married once in her life (divorces are not appreciated at all), thats why this event is celebrated with a big pomp. Read more

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Photos of Rohtang Pass

rohtang pass Right now Im missing Himalaya mountains. Ive been there only once in my life during my short trip to India in May 2010. The weather was very pleasant, the beauty of surrounding reality made me burst in tears and I finally realized why the famous Russian artist Nicholas Roerich once gathered all his stuff and moved to Himachal Pradesh. Here we go, on the way to Rohtang Pass from Manali. Read more

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