Packiam, a tea picker in Munnar

We met Packiam in Munnar, Kerala, when roaming through tea plantations and admiring the lightness of being and the greeness of the green color around. Packiam and other women who work together with her was going back home for a lunch break. Having noticed foreigners, she became so happy and asked us to click a picture with her and then invited to her place for a cup of tea. Of course we agreed, and I like visiting people in India. With a very poor English Packiam explained that she lives nearby. We communicated with her almost through gestures since she didnt understand Hindi, and we didnt know anything in Malayalam, but since Naren knew a bit of Tamil we were able to have a simple conversation. Read more

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Solo travel: pros and cons

Its always cool to have a friend who shares your interest in travelling and can be your company in your trips. At the same time, very often it occurs that there are no people at the moment to support you. This happened to me in 2010 when I went to India for 2 weeks trip alone. I just thought if I will be always waiting for someone to go with me I will never go anywhere. In the beginning it was a bit scary and I felt not confident, but after I changed my perception of the surrounding world a bit everything went fine and fun and not scary anymore. Solo travel has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages, and this is what this article tells about. And to avoid any confusion Im not encouraging solo travel, Im just trying to show that if there is no other option you should still do it, you are going to enjoy anyway. Read more

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How to send a parcel from India

how to send parcel from india Its not as difficult as it seems. There are several ways to send a parcel from India to another country: by air or sea with India Post, with the help of courier services like DHL and FedEx. Courier services are of course reliable and fast but the cost is according to the level of service. India Post is known to be not reliable but I want to bring you some good news: I sent around 15 parcels from India to Ukraine by India Post and none of them was ever lost or damaged and the delivery time was never more than 3 weeks (normally its 14-16 days). Several times the parcels came not intact but thats the mark of customs in Ukraine who decided to check the deliverables. So, Im going to tell you what you need to send a parcel from India to your country by India Post without using the help of middlemen. Read more

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Kathakali. The show

kathakali show So, after the makeup process the evil hero (with green makeup) goes behind the stage where he will be dressed up in a huge ballet-like skirt, and one of the actors stays on stage and shows the audience mudras (hand gestures) and emotions that are used in kathakali theatre. Read more

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Make-up for Kathakali

kathakali makeup Kathakali is an ancient art of dance and theatre from Kerala state. This is what you should see there in addition to elephants and backwaters. Well, for some tourists elephants and backwaters are enough to enjoy Kerala, but kathakali is a very interesting performance, especially its interesing to see the process of makeup application which lasts for one hour and anybody is welcome to come, watch and photograph. Glamourous girls, compared to kathakali artists, just powder their cheeks. And taking into account all the colors for makeup have genuinely natural origin (not something with organic product on the packaging box) the efforts of the actors deserve the best praise. Read more

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Elephant festival in Jaipur

jaipur elephant festival This year I decided to go to celebrate Holi in Jaipur with Lyuba. Holi and Jaipur is one of the best combinations because the day before Holi every year Jaipur hosts a festival of elephants which is visited by huge crowd of foreign and Indian tourists. Owners decorate their elephants the best way they can and parade in front of the public and jury, accompanied by traditional dance and music. Read more

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