Adventures in Indian hospital

indian hospitalIt was not me who needed hospitalization but Tine from Belgium, however it turned to be a nice experience for me as well. We just came from the village of Sajipara to the town of Bardoli with population of around 300,000 people, and our friend Kunal brought us to the private hospital of his uncle. I was born in Ukraine and Im quite used to the ukrainian governmental hospitals so indian hospitals do not impress me that much, though Tine was of quite another opinion ))

Tine had an eating disorder, felt very weak and was at times shivering or fevering. I was quite afraid when I had her lying at my knees while in the car to Bardoli. So, after an hour we arrived to the best hospital in Bardoli according to Kunal.
indian hospital

There were many people awaiting in the hall. Tine was taking to the doctor and I stayed in the hall, then the doctor ordered her to make a blood test. Tine was feeling so weak that she couldnt stay in vertical position for a long time due to the hypotension.

Finally instead of taking her to a special room where all manipulations are done the nurses tried to take her blood test at the hall itself because there was a place where she could lay down while in the special room there were only chairs and she was about to faint.

And now imagine such a picture: a blond curlie Belgium girl watches how strange indians taking her blood in anti-sanitary conditions of a hospital hall, without gloves! Well, the thing is whenever you go they will not use gloves at all, and of course this fact brings some horrible thoughts into ones mind about various diseases transmitted through blood and a simple touch.

Eventually they faild to take Tines blood test as her blood pressure was so low that the blood just wouldnt go. We were sent to the ward making our way through the dull corridors.
indian hospital

Ward number six twenty. The cifers are written in Gujarati by the way.
indian hospital

Tine had an urgent dripping of glucose as she couldnt eat normally and still needed to restore her energy she lost because of the dehydration.
indian hospital

Then again the nurses made several attempts to finally take the blood test and led the poor girl to borderline state as she was constantly crying and telling that ones she got better she would immediately fly back to Belgium and have AIDS test. Well, that sounds quite funny however in the same time I have no idea how I would react if I happened to be in her place and if I were used to the high-class medical treatment since childhood.

These are the beautiful fairies in traditional Indian clothes, no uniform required, hehe. There was another one dress all white and it looked like you are surrounded some delerious carnival, not the hospital staff.
indian hospital

This is how the ward looks inside.
indian hospital

There is even a TV and personally it doesnt look that bad. Well, until I mention that its a private clinic ))
indian hospital

Each ward has an attached bathroom.
indian hospital

The blood test was taken in order to exclude malaria first of all. Finally the doctor came and said: youve got malaria. Great news! I guess I dont need to describe Tines reaction. We had to stay overnight in this hospital as it weas out of the question to go to Ahmedabad when she was in such a poor state and actually there were no buses available at that late time.

Later that night we were visited by Kunals parents who brought us some fruits, and the father said: Well, typhoid is cured withing 14 days so everythings gonna be alright, dont worry.

Excuse me, what typhoid are you talking about if we were told its malaria just a couple of hours ago?! See, the blood test didnt show any malaria parasites so it appears to be just a typhoid. I like this JUST a typhoid phrase. Simply typhoid, couldnt be simpler. Well we decided to stay in the hospital for the night and the next day to hire a car and go straight to Ahmedabad where we would consult a normal doctor.

I was sleeping on the floor since the couch was occupied by Kunals bride Arpana. She stayed with us just in case and taking into account all their ongoing help I just couldnt let her sleep on the floor.

The next day Tine had another 4 portions of glucose intra-venous dripiping with addition of some other drug and we were strongly recommended not to go anywhere. No indeed! I called Nipun and though his distributor in Bardoli he arranged us a car and we started off to Ahmedabad at 5pm. The car cost us around 3,200Rs: the distance is 300km and each km is 7 Rs + payment for the drivers service. By the way the road was very very good, especiall Ahmedabad-Baroda highway and we even accelerated to 100kmph which is unusual for Indian traffic.

From the Bardoli clinic we took with us Tines medecines.
indian hospital

A health record.
indian hospital

And the payment bill for medical help.
indian hospital

We reached Ahmedabad at about 10pm. The next morning we went to see a doctor (consultation 200 Rs) and the Bardoli doctor was just not fit to hold the candle comparing with Ahmedabadi one. He was delicately joking and asked us how we managed to reach that region of Gujarat as its almost never visited by tourists. Finally we got the diagnosis. It was not malaria and of course not a typhoid, just acute abdomen infection probably accompanied by a sun stroke. The next day Tine was already going crazy during the Holi celebration and the next week flew back to Belgium.

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2 Comments to Adventures in Indian hospital

  1. nazarium says:

    Очередной раз отличный пример твоей собранности =)
    у меня была бы паника и я тупо верила всему, что бы мне говорили в той больнице.

    • amores says:

      просто зная, что инкубационный период у такого рода болячек больше двух недель, а Тинэ на тот момент была в Индии только неделю, у меня возникли подозрения, что кто-то не прав )

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