About amores

amoresAmores how many things are in this word! Ehmmm =)

Well, I am 24 years old and my mom and dad with the sisters help named me Olya. If I am referred to as Olga (especially in Russian) I feel a bit alerted and expect to be scolded for something.

In December 2010 I came to India to live and to see this country from inside in order to understand if its really bad as they say. I work as a Russian translator-intern, earn $300 per month and live in a flat with some other people like me from different countries. Each and every day this country amazes me from dawn till dusk. Hope one day to start a journey by bicycle or bike :)

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Skype: amore_s
E-mail: okhrimenko.olya@gmail.com
And also this: formspring

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